About me
Varlock - Jokkel
vom Holzland
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Dogs- Showgroup Garlstedt
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Here I would like to introduce myself:

My Name is

Varlock - Jokkel
vom Holzland

Litter Day: 23. März 2013
    My Breeder
Andreas Pflugmacher
"Leonberger vom Holzland"
Breed: Body:
Examination for Breed Level 1 99 Points Whithers: 77 cm
HD: free A1 Chest Deep: 35 cm
ED: free 0 Chest circumference: 102 cm
LPN1: N/N free Weight: 65 KG
LPN2: N/N free Fulltoothy Scissor bite
LEMP: N/N free
Eye Examination As at November 2016
My Parents
Father Mother
Jökull - Löwe von Walhall Paula - Enya vom Holzland
Title Education and Exam
Youthwinner Sachsen-Anhalt 2014 Concomitant Dog exam Club
1. Place BH/Club
(Examination Day: Leonberg 24.09.2016)
Exam for Visiting Dog