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Here I am at Home
Since June 2013, my home is in the northern Harzmountain foreland in Lower Saxony (Germany).
There we live on the historical estate Riechenberg near Goslar,
the old imperial and world cultural heritage town.
In our large garden I can rampage to 
one's heart's content with my 
two Leo-friends Tonga and Merlin, 
to bury bones 
and then, best of all, relax.
My family also includes Attila,
the Tiger skewbald Ponystallion; "Our senior".
Chilly + Missy, the micecatcher
with purr guaranty.
As well as Gustav and his ladies;
the egg-laying chicken fraction,
Also the ducks Plitsch and Platsch
with their offspring
and the  service staff   Doris & Karsten